You can expect best offers on your insurance deals because we work with more than 30 insurance companies for optimum needs alignment.

Our systems of operation are favourable for the most professional handling of your deal.


Our clients are also protected by our Professional Indemnity Insurance.



  1. +/- 90% of SMMEs fail due to non-insurance and incorrect insurance arrangements.
  2. Most people do not read their policy documents, hence you need us to take care of your insurances.
  3. Having a broker at your service does not cost you a cent, as brokers are paid by insurance companies.
  4. A policy document is a legal document, so you need the expertise of a good broker to make sure you have right cover, why not when you do not have to pay us.
  5. All successful businesses and people have insurance on their assets.
  6. no ones knows when the misfortune will happen in their lives, hence one needs to stay insured all the time.
  7. There are people and companies that are still paying for goods they lost or damaged and can not use anymore because they did not have insurance.
  8. Many people discover at the time of a claim that they have incorrect insurance cover.

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